Why Companies Finance Equipment with New Equipment Leasing (NEL):
  • Equipment Leasing Conserves Capital

    Retain cash reserves for more profitable uses such as invoice discounts, advertising, new employees, or additional production needs.

  • Tax Benefits*

    Leases, when properly structured, can become 100% tax deductible expenses. Lease payments are paid with pre tax dollars and ultimately lower your taxable income. Lower taxable income means lower income taxes!

    (*Always consult a qualified tax consultant.)

  • Leasing Protects Against Inflation

    Payments are set at the dollar’s current value, therefore if inflation rises from 8% to 15%, your payments remain constant, avoiding any interest rate increases typically found in lines of credit or loans with variable rates.

  • Future Expenses Are Easier to Forecast

    Again, lease payments remain constant so cost projections for the future are easily computed. You can easily measure the income new equipment will produce against fixed lease payments.

  • Easier to Replace Equipment

    Since the equipment is expensed over a specific period of time, it becomes easier to replace it before obsolescence.

  • Profits Are Generated From Use, Not Ownership

    Your equipment generates income by using it, not by owning it.

  • Initial Cash Outlay Is Lower

    Leasing typically requires a security deposit equal to two monthly payments. Lending institutions can require as much as a 20% down payment.

Why Do Business with New Equipment Leasing, Inc.
and NEL Financial, LLC?
Over 30 Years

of experience providing Superior Customer Service

Over 26,000

lease and loans closed since 1989

Over $435 million

in equipment financed since 1989

  • Total Servicing of Customers

    New Equipment Leasing, Inc. provides “Start to Finish” service. The customer signs our lease documents and all payments are made to New Equipment Leasing, Inc.

  • Early Payoff Options

    New Equipment Leasing, Inc. allows early payoffs without penalty, provided the account is maintained in good standing.

  • Employees

    The greatest asset of New Equipment Leasing, Inc. is our employees. We have over 100 years of combined financial experience.

  • We Are Self Funded

    New Equipment Leasing, Inc. is a self funded leasing company. This allows us to make our own credit decisions and we don’t sell our leases.

  • Quick Response Time

    Typically we can review an application in under 30 minutes. However, larger amounts may require additional financial statements to be reviewed. Many times, we can have lease documents ready the same day!

  • Flexible Payment Plans

    New Equipment Leasing, Inc. can customize payment structures to meet the needs of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Leasing Right For Me?

Leasing is Flexible

Companies have different needs, different cash flow patterns, different – sometimes irregular – streams of income. For example, start-up companies typically are characterized by little cash and limited debt lines. Mature companies might have other needs: to keep debt lines free, to comply with debt covenants, and to avoid committing to equipment that may quickly become obsolete. Therefore, your business conditions – cash flow, specific equipment needs, and tax situation – may help define the terms of your lease. Whatever your situation, we can help tailor a leasing program that is right for you.

How Do I Get Started?

Complete a Lease Application

For most transactions, we require only a one page application. Larger transactions may require a company balance sheet and income statement or personal financial statement and tax returns. To fill out our secure application right now, apply here securely or
download a copy you can mail or fax to us.

Talk to a Salesperson

If you would like to be contacted by one of our salespeople, please call us at (616) 957-3336 or e-mail us at sales@nelinc.com.

Credit Life and Disability Insurance Questions

Who will make your lease payments when you can’t?

Your company’s biggest asset is not the building or the equipment.
It’s your ability to work and to operate it!!?

Nobody expects to be injured or even worse, suffer long-term illness. If it happens to you, are your business’ financial obligations insured? Sure, you have adequate comprehensive, theft and liability coverage. However, these policies will not cover your financial obligations. So, why wouldn’t you insure your ability to work? After all, if you are not able to work and operate your business, you are not able to generate revenue.

If you become injured or fall victim to a long-term disabling illness, you will find that the disability insurance you currently have will barely cover your loss of personal income. Furthermore, that is income obligated towards your home, car, groceries and utilities! If you carry insurance to fulfill personal obligations, doesn’t it make sense to insure your business’ obligations? Well, you can!!!

Credit Life Insurance

  • Protects your estate.
  • In most cases, your entire lease obligation is paid in full in the event of your death.
  • Injury and serious illness are covered and hospitalization is not required.

Credit Disability Insurance

  • Continues making lease payments for your business until you are able to return to work.
  • These benefits are paid in addition to other disability benefits you may receive.
  • Why should your family have to use your personal life insurance to fulfill your business’ financial obligations?

Additional Benefits

  • Payments are made directly to New Equipment Leasing, Inc.
  • No physical exam required. Just a simple health questionnaire.
  • Premiums are included in your lease payments, allowing for a full write off when properly structured.

(Always consult with your tax advisor.)

Estimated Cost for Credit Life and Disability Coverage:


Contact New Equipment Leasing, Inc. to get the coverage you need at the rates you deserve!