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By submitting this form you authorize us to obtain and review credit information on the business and on each listed owner of the business. We may review your company and individual credit profiles with any national credit agency or other information as we deem helpful to our review of your credit. This authorization shall be continuing and you agree that we may continuously review such information from time to time including in connection with any collection, renewal or extension of the equipment lease.

Applicant's Statement: The submitter of this application has answered every questions in this application fully and truthfully and has used due diligence to verify all information. The business and each listed owner gives each of its/their creditors permission to give New Equipment Leasing Inc. (NEL) all information NEL needs to determine whether NEL wants to grant this business credit. The business and each listed owner also gives NEL permission to give credit reporting agencies and other creditors information relating to any credit NEL might grant to this business and/or each listed owner.