NEL Dealer Relationships

Why is New Equipment Leasing interested in developing Dealer relationships?

Educating vendors how to use leasing to help sell their products is an efficient way for New Equipment Leasing, Inc. to circulate its financial services. Depending on the equipment cost, up to 88% of the lessees choose the leasing company that is recommended by the vendor.

Why should a vendor be interested in developing a relationship with New Equipment Leasing?

Every sales proposal should be presented with a lease alternative proposal. 93% of the customers that want to lease and receive a sale only proposal, assume that the vendor does not have the ability to lease their equipment. As a result, the customer chooses the vendor that provides a lease alternative as part of their sale proposal.

Profits Are Generated From Use, Not Ownership

Your equipment generates income by using it, not by owning it.

Initial Cash Outlay Is Lower

Leasing typically requires a security deposit equal to two monthly payments. Lending institutions can require as much as a 20% down payment.

What Leasing Programs are Available?

Small Ticket Mini-Lease Programs

New Equipment Leasing, Inc. has one of the most effective – and marketable – Mini-Lease Programs available in the leasing industry today. A few of the major benefits for qualified companies are:

– Only a very simple, one page credit application is required. In most instances, you do not have to request financial statements or tax returns from your customer – which can be a significant competitive advantage.

– Normal turnaround time is two business days or less.

– Simple lease documents.

– Prompt vendor payment.

– Competitive rates.

– Excellent closing tool.

– Expands opportunity for new sales.

– Local company providing prompt, friendly service.

Equipment Vendor Programs

New Equipment Leasing, Inc. works with a wide range of equipment vendors (manufacturer, distributors and dealers) designing programs for specific customer equipment needs. A New Equipment Leasing officer is available to work with you, including direct client calls, if the situation warrants.

Municipal Leasing

New Equipment Leasing’s tax-exempt leasing programs offer qualified state and local governments, public agencies, schools, public and not-for-profit hospitals an attractive and increasingly utilized, way to raise needed funds without relying on conventional financing, additional taxes, or bond issues.

How Do I Become a Vendor?

We are proud of the long standing and mutually beneficial relationships we have built with our vendors. Our philosophy of “under promising and over delivering” instead of “over promising and under delivering” has been the backbone of our vendor relationships. Whether you are offering leasing options for the first time or seeking an alternative leasing source we can help. We welcome the opportunity to help your business succeed.

We promptly review our applications and we will typically contact you in 1 hour or less to let you know if an application is approved, declined or in need of additional information. Same day documentation and immediate funding upon equipment delivery are also part of the New Equipment Leasing, Inc. vendor relationship.

If you are interested in finding out more about New Equipment Leasing, Inc.’s vendor programs, please contact or call 616-957-3336.